Delivery System

At Rheostasis, we have listened to our customers to better understand their preferences and needs. As a result, we have made the informed decision to have our products in different delivery systems.

Our primary nutraceutical delivery is our novel liquid liposomal formulations.  Liposomes are spherical structures of lipids that spontaneously form under certain temperatures and pressures. Where are lipids found? The answer is nearly everywhere in Nature but specifically soy, sunflower, eggs, fish oil, cod liver oil are some examples. One of the remarkable features of our liposomes is that when they are being prepared, if a non-lipid nutraceutical or supplement is added, they can be incorporated into the center of the liposomes. These loaded liposomes are just like a delivery truck that carries packages. Depending on how the concentration of the lipids, their physical characteristics and the physical conditions when the liposomes are prepared, the size of liposomes (the size of the delivery truck) and the size and number of the nutraceutical and supplements can be varied. This is like the sizes and number of packages that a delivery truck can accommodate.

When we ingest the liposomal preparations, the liposomes interact with the lining cells of the GI tract and are delivered to our circulation where they deliver the nutraceuticals and supplement payloads at quite high concentrations to the cells and tissues of our body. For the published work of many basic and clinical scientists it’s clear there are multiple mechanisms by which liposomes deliver their payloads. One predominant mechanism appears to be the merging of the liposome with cell membranes. Using the delivery truck analogy, its’s like the truck empties its packages directly into the customer’s home!

Although Rheostasis is using liposomes exclusively for the delivery of nutraceuticals and supplements, liposomes are also being extensively studied and used for pharmaceutical purposes and genetic engineering. In those instances, the liposomes carry drugs or DNA.

Our Rheostasis liposomal formulations have been developed by specifically using a proprietary technology for non-GMO sunflower phospholipids preparations, optimized for bioabsorption and bioavailability. After their preparation, we check the size of the liposomes to insure the homogeneity of the product and perform other tests as well to make sure they are structurally stable i.e. they don’t spontaneously fall apart and expel their contents. This is to ensure that Rheostasis customers receive products that are what they claim to be. This makes such preparations significantly more potent and effective in helping our customers optimize their health. A good liposomal formulation should have the consistency like maple syrup and shouldn’t be as fluid as water nor as viscous as a jelly.

Separately, for those customers who prefer solid nutraceuticals we also have high quality hypoallergenic, vegetarian capsules for our proprietary formulations.

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