About Us

Rheostasis- At the Forefront of Basic and Clinical Nutritional Science

The Founder:

The founder of Rheostasis, Dr. Shalesh Kaushal, has an extensive experience in both basic and clinical research, as well as the day to day operations of how a biotech company works. He has extensively studied the biochemistry and molecular genetics of many nutraceuticals. He has received research awards for this work and has developed meaningful research collaborations with some of the leading scientists, clinicians and diagnostic and instrument companies in the world.

These set of skills and experiences are unusual for a nutraceutical company and reflects our commitment to develop those types of novel nutraceutical and supplement formulations that have the greatest opportunity to impact our customers' health. Due to our commitment to quality, Rheostasis products are already being considered some of the finest available.


Quality Commitment & Quality Ingredients:

At Rheostasis, we are uncompromisingly committed to assisting our customers to achieve their optimal, dynamic state of health by providing thoughtfully, formulated science based, nutritional products that are of the highest standard and quality.

Rheostasis uses raw ingredients and the final products are procured and manufactured in current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) facilities. cGMP facilities are monitored by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These operational procedures have been put in place to insure specific quality standards to design, monitor and control the sterility, purity and reproducible potency of our manufactured products.

In addition, our facilities go significantly beyond the cGMP requirements, providing even greater quality standards than is customarily done. The quality insurance is directly translated to a greater confidence for our customers because of Rheostasis’ uncompromising commitment to insure in the quality standards. At the end of the day, our products can lead our customers to optimize their wealth portfolio.

Our RAW ingredients are non-GMO, and contain NO SOY OR GLUTEN. The raw ingredients as well as the sunflower phospholipids are extensively chemically analyzed for purity and possible contamination. All procurement and manufacturing is done in the US.


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