Cellular Balance (Homeostasis)

Cellular balance (homeostasis) is controlled by a set of nearly 1000-2000 proteins that are functionally clustered into various interconnected pathways that control nearly all of the vital and diverse functions of the cell. As such, there are about 12-15 important cellular pathways that are well identified in human cells. Such an interconnected pathway can be called the Cellular Balancing Network- CBN for short.

Think of these pathways as springs that interconnected with each other in an interactive network that is constantly communicating with all the proteins that makeup the pathways. So if you tap on one of the springs all of them will vibrate and eventually stop moving. That ‘tapping motion” is like a stressor that a cell faces.

What are these stressors? One type is an extrinsic stressor like the food we eat, the air we breathe, the type and quality of water we drink and our mental state. A second type of stressor is intrinsic i.e. our unique genetic makeup. This is what makes us biochemically unique. For example, some people metabolize caffeine more rapidly than others. This is determined by their underlying genetic makeup. 

These intrinsic and extrinsic stressors challenge our cells and can disturb them in such a way so our cells, tissues and our bodies lose their native biochemical balance. Since Nature has endowed our cells with the unusual ability to rejigger itself back into balance if the extrinsic stressor isn’t long lasting. If the stressor persists, however, then our cells, tissues and body are at dis-ease. Our bodies send us signals so we all can sense this even though we may not exactly what the cause is.

 The goal for enjoying good health, which is more than having dis-ease, is to allow our cells tissues and bodies to return and maintain balance (homeostasis). This is where nutraceuticals and supplements can be not only very helpful but essential’.

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