Cellular balance (homeostasis) is controlled by a set of nearly 1000-2000 proteins that are functionally clustered into various interconnected pathways that control nearly all of the vital and diverse functions of the cell. As such, there are a set of important cellular pathways that are well identified in human cells. These are represented by the colored balls in the figure above. This interconnected pathway is the Cellular Balancing Network- CBN for short.

The CBN  is like a set of springs that are interconnected with each other in an interactive network. that is constantly communicating with all the other balls and springs (i.e. the proteins that make up the CBN). So if you tap on one of the springs all of them will vibrate and eventually stop moving. That ‘tapping motion” is a stressor that a cell faces. We'll discuss a bit more on the next page.

Another way to think of the CBN is as a contour map, like the one shown below. Each of the hills and valleys on the contour map represent specific cellular pathways that are depicted in the diagram. When the cell or tissue is at balance there is a certain shape of the contour map. 


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